What Caused The Civil Rights Movement

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Abrial Barnett 1 - 11-16 Civil Rights Movement!!! On August 28 1963 250,000 gathered in the nation’s capital. Now before the Civil Rights Movement, some causes were going on. The first was discrimination, like the Jim Crow laws, having people be complete opposites with each other and be rude towards each other. Next was segregation everything was different like the, water fountains, sections of the bus, they even had different school, colored schools, and white schools. The last cause in my opinion, this is the most sad of them all the violence, the African Americans were getting their houses caught on fire by the mischievous whites, getting viciously beat by the whites sometimes even killed like getting run over by a car, sheriff 's releasing their demon dogs on African Americans as well. Marching on Washington for jobs and freedom. People that day stood up to the political and social injustices of the African Americans, tensions and racial unrest building up. John F. Kennedy makes a Civil Rights Legislation, the timing was right for a massive demonstration. Due to security concerns eternal marshals were trained to ensure order within the crowd. The marchers chose peace and not violence.…show more content…
Now the big part is coming that you having been eagerly waiting for…… The march is most remembered by a brave man named Martin Luther King Jr. He Claimed “I Have A Dream Speech “. Most people do not know that day he did not plan on speaking about his successful “I Have A Dream” speech. Martin Luther KIng was the last person to speak because know one wanted that spot. He was speaking and that 's when Mahalia Jackson shouted “tell ‘em about the dream speech”. Honoring her request, he departed from prepared remarks and delivered a legendary speech that we all remember to this very
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