What Caused The Dust Bowl

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The Dust Bowl delivered a crazy drought to the fields of the Great Plains and crushed the economy during the Great Depression. Massive dust clouds destroyed just about everything from crops, farms, and the lives and jobs of thousands of farmers. This resulted in even more economic despair during the Great Depression. The Dust Bowl happened in the 1930s in the Great Plains due to farmer’s poor cultivation techniques. Although the farmers cultivation options didn 't work, the federal government really helped them out with after five years went by. The farm fields of the great plains were becoming increasingly unsafe and unstable. The farmers weren 't keeping their farms correctly. This is what caused the dust bowl, and this is why so many people…show more content…
There are many theories for what caused this sudden unexpected event. The reason that caused the sudden uproar of dust was because of droughts in the mid west and poor farming techniques. Droughts have become increasingly large in America. Currently, California is going through a very rough drought.They are being deprived of water, food, and jobs. We can clearly see a pattern of droughts throughout history in the United States. There is no way to control this, droughts happen all over the country, especially in the Great Plains, but we have never and most likely will never see a drought or dust storm as severe as the dust bowl. In the 1930s unusually cool temperatures were occurring in the Pacific. This created a very dry climate across the United States, which was especially bad in the Great Plains. Many new farmers came to the plains in hopes to escape the depression. They used very poor farming techniques which disrupted the environment. With the especially dry climate, and thousands of new farmers using poor techniques, this created the disaster known as the Dust Bowl. Many people debate about how the dust bowl happened. Some say it was the weather, but the poor cultivation of the farmers in the early 1930s was the real cause of that tragic
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