What Caused The Fall Of Rome Dbq Essay

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Rome was the center of one of the world's greatest empires. It began as an unremarkable settlement. Rome had become powerful by conquering territory. But Rome soon discovered that size has its problems. Controlling an expanded empire, meant a need for more food, clothing, weapons and supplies. This was the starting point of the fall of Rome. Economic problems were also one of the problems that caused the fall of Rome. The condition of Roman subjects in time of peace is worse than war as stated in Document E. Taxes were very severe and unprincipled men inflict injuries on others. The laws and constitution of the Romans were fair, but deplored that the governors, were ruining the state. The economic problems were one of the causes of the fall of Rome because it says that they had to pay to have justice. Military weakness was also a cause of Rome's decline because the foot soldiers didn’t want to wear breastplates and helmets because it seemed to heavy when there was a war the didn’t have any protection from the invaders so instead of fighting they would run. THey would also attack each other so they could become emperor, but when they attacked each other they left gaps for invaders to come in and destroy everything. Weak leadership was the main cause of Rome's decline…show more content…
It is the main system. Whenever there is a problem the people to ask the person who is leading them for help and guidance. So when an empire’s leadership is weak problems start to build and it causes chaos threw out the whole empire. Rome didn’t realize that assassinating each other to become emperor was not the right way until it was too late. The emperor didn’t care about the people in the empire all he cared about was the title of being emperor. Being the ruler of all even though he didn’t even realize how big that role is because no one has been emperor long enough to show how to do things

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