What Caused The Great Depression Dbq

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The Great Depression of 1929 was one of America’s most influential downfalls that crippled society for years. The depression caused many years of failure and poverty for almost all of society. The government’s role during these times was crucial and critical for turning around the economy. The depression had a major effect on government’s power and involvement with the people and states. The government was less involved before the depression. Coolidge wanted to reform taxes for the people (Document 1.) They tried many ways to reform the government and fix the large economic problem that affected jobs, families, people and everyone’s everyday lives. The Great Depression took a great toll on America’s government and economy. Before the crash of the stock market, while Coolidge was the…show more content…
Roosevelt was elected following Hoover and he had a very different and more uplifting outlook on how to help America. FDR said how the people had to face reality and stop fearing the efforts needed to help America. (Document 5.) He makes it known that he is going to be a leader and lead America out of these dark times. He portrayed strong belief in the nation and the people itself and makes the problems known. “Only a foolish optimistic can deny the dark realties of the moment,” Franklin quoted, meaning he was not going to ignore the problems America was facing. He knew that unemployment was spiraling out of control and it was very unfair for the people. He took great leadership and wanted to break the depression of America. In conclusion, The Great Depression had a great affect on every aspect of American living. Many rulers and leaders had different tactics of trying to get America out of the depression and tried for nearly ten years. The Great Depression started in 1929 and affected America for almost ten years and it changed how the people viewed the federal government and how much power the government had. It was time a of change and many hardships for
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