What Causes Health Disparities

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Health disparities consist of health conditions that occur in different groups or people that may or may not be preventable. Health disparities are differences that occur in the supply and access to certain healthcare. Factors such as certain races, ethnicity, and social classes are what health disparities are based off of. Some people will have a higher risk of certain diseases or illnesses than other people.

2. Which racial/ethnic groups are more likely to be affected by health disparities? Why?

Certain racial and ethnical groups that heath disparities will affect include minorities, gender, gender identity, social classes and geography. Minorities and disabled are often more likely to be in health disparities rather than others. Also those in lower economic classes are also more affected than the wealthier class. The LGBT community is more at risk of having higher health disparities. Racial groups such as minorities may be affected by health disparities because many come from areas of low socioeconomic status and live in areas with high health risk.
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What are causes of health disparities?

Causes of health disparities could be attributed to socioeconomic status and education. A link between those who live in poorer communities and poor health outcomes are often related. Members of these communities are exposed to many health problems causing them to have poor health. Members of these communities also lack education about overall health which could be a reason why health disparities are more prominent in these areas.

4.) What are reasons for disparities in access to health
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