What Causes Obesity In America

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America is one of the most developed nations of the world. However, America has faced difficulties regarding the health of its public. America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world, often ranking higher than other developed nations. Examining the causes of such a wide spread phenomena could help us understand how to deter such an easily preventable occurrence. Specifically since there are large costs associated with treating obesity born ailments. This sudden increase in over saturated foods could provide a cause to such issues, therefore, this paper will examine the causes of obesity in America as the result of advertisement and availability of junk food. Americans consume millions of pounds of junk food on a daily basis. Devouring…show more content…
Society moves at a fast pace it shows in technology, infrastructures and security. An example that affecting is affecting Americans in an unhealthy way is the way fast food chains are growing rapidly. Fast foods companies are building their restaurants at a fast pace globally. However, it’s affecting America the most out of all the developed nations. The chain of fast foods reached a point were two McDonalds will be on opposite ends of the same street. Fast foods are continuing to be built soon they will be on every corner. The greasy high in carbs are in such high demand because people consume so much of it and fast food places take advantage of it. They benefit so much from it that majority of fast food places are open past midnight. So not only can customers help themselves to a delicious meal full of grease and extra crabs in the day, they can also enjoy themselves to it at any time to the night as well. Fast food provides the convince people need it in the name. It’s much easier to get a readymade pizza to go from Dominos, rather than taking thirty minutes to make a well balanced nutritious meal. Fast foods chains is just a small hurdle in a bigger picture that contributes to obesity. The blame isn’t just on fast food it’s also on unhealthy foods like Lays with their high sodium chips and Snickers with their added corn syrups and sugars candy. These are made available everywhere corner stores, Grocery’s stores, and family functions. People have multiple opportunities to buy unhealthy snacks. Look at baseball games, football games and Amusements parks. If ones has ever participated at any of these events the one could see all the unhealthy foods being sold in the area. Things to packaged Twinkies and chips, cheese coved fries with jalapenos, deep fried dough and Oreos, and multiple soft drinks like Sprite, Coco-cola and Root beers. It also plays into American culture like Fourth of

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