What Causes Teen Suicide

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“Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse, suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better.”- Emanuel Celler, It has been a while since teen suicides were not the headlines of the daily newspaper. Teen suicides have captured the eyes of the society and people have started to look behind the actual cause of suicides. Stress has played a major role in causing depression amongst teenagers ultimately leading towards suicide. What is causing this depression is a big question that needs to be answered.
Depression leads one to end one’s existence taking away all the joys of life. It is stimulated by stress and upon hitting the threshold results in an attempt for suicide. Depression is still very common among the teen generation but no one really pays attention to it and they just vocalize “everything is going to be okay” but no one realizes that this issue has already taken many lives away and it is an issue
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It is really common for the teens especially nowadays.The teens feel some sort of satisfaction after bullying the other members of the society, they feel their pride in it but not always the victims are able to take it, at times the victims just give up. According to me, it is their inferiority complex ends up in bullying people whom they think they are superior to. The victims of bullying violate the law but this violation is to satisfy their inner selves.No one accepts the kind of people with gender dysphoria in the society which takes away their right to live as normal people although it is not even their fault whether they are gay or lesbian or bisexual, the society blames them. The efforts of all the nonprofit organizations to create awareness go in vain when educated people like us target them. It bothers me to think about how different people are not accepted in the society because they are different and their confidence is crumpled and shackled into

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