What Causes The Fall Of Christianity To The Roman Empire

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Christianity I am Christian a religion that owes its popularity to the Roman Empire. Every Sunday I go to church with my family and worship God and read the Bible. Christianity was founded in the Roman Empire by Jesus Christ and eventually became the official religion of Rome and the Western world. This carried over to colonists in the Americas and missionaries in Africa where my parents converted to Christianity. My dad is a pastor and came to America and had me due to being a Christian and having to study here. Freedom of Religion I live in a society that like Rome has religious freedom. Since I live in America I am allowed to go to church and practice my religion freely. Also in my society like Rome I have seen people of a particular religion persecuted due to untrue beliefs and stereotypes like the Christians in the Roman Empire.…show more content…
My dad often tells me of how the civil war killed some of his friends and family and left others destitute. It also forced him to take his wife and child to America. The Roman civil war had a similar effect killing hundreds of thousands and leading to the autocratic Roman Empire. Text-to-Text: Fall of Rome In Classical Civilization Rome and Aspects of Western Civilization the authors talks about how Rome fell and the causes of that fall. They both say it fell not because of barbarians but due to self rot, inflation, and corruption.Barbarians were just the nail in the coffin. The authors point to the late Roman Empires reliance on foreign troops and corruption which greatly weakened it militarily, lowered patriotism, and led to debt. These novels point to a slow and systematic decay of
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