What Challenges Did Imperialists Face During The Second World War

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acts of terrorism to make their point. In March, Mary Richardson slashed the Velasquez painting “The Rokeby Venus” at the National Gallery in London. In April, a suffragette armed with a hatchet broke ten large panes of glass in a cabinet at the British Museum. Across the country, suffragettes were setting fire to empty houses and railway stations, piers and sports pavilions and vandalising golf courses. In June, a bomb planted by suffragettes exploded in Westminster Abbey, damaging the Coronation Chair. With the government of the day under seemingly relentless attack from all sides, it seemed the biggest troubles the people of Britain faced were domestic. When, at the start of the year, Liberal politician John Morley wrote ‘Ah 1914! Oh! that…show more content…
Ernest Anderson and Henry Carter would not be joining their comrades in arms in what would become known as the Great War. Their journey through life, like so many daring young men in those early days of military aviation, was to be cut tragically short. The deeds and achievements of their comrades, who followed them through life and beyond the veil of death during the Great War, are remembered individually and collectively through annual commemorative parades and in perpetuity on memorials around the world. Such events do not mark the passing of Ernest Anderson and Henry Carter. Neither are their achievements, contributions or military service, which they gave so freely to their country, remembered in such ways. What follows is a commemoration, a tribute and a memorial to their memory. Ernest Anderson Ernest Vincent Anderson was born on 4th June, 1887 in Delamere, Adelaide, South Australia to Edmund and Edith Anderson. He was the eldest of three children; his sister Marjorie Frances Anderson had been born in 1889 in Saugor, Bengal, India and Erica Rolland Anderson was born in Fife, Scotland in

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