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Everyone will face challenges in their life’s and some will seem harder than others, but for all they are challenges. In the poem Hamlet by Shakespeare during acts 1 through 3, we see that Prince Hamlet faces many different challenges. In the beginning he faces the challenge of his father’s death and his mother’s hasty marriage. Later he faces his feelings of loneliness and diminishing self-worth, and finally he has the challenge of the shame and guilt he feels that he has not avenged his father. In the play Hamlet Act 1 through 3, the young Hamlet is faced with the challenge of his father’s death and mother’s quick marriage. Hamlet loved his father most dearly and it shows when he is mourning for his father in the play. Because of this mourning…show more content…
This part of the play is when Hamlet starts questioning the ghost of his father, wondering if it was a demon. He also is questioning his courage because he is lacking in the means and ways to avenge his father. During this rant he says about himself that “Yet I, a dull and muddy mettled rascal”. (Act 2 scene 2 Lines 555) Here he is calling himself a lazy and miserable creature. Obviously his opinion of himself at the moment is very low. In the article What is Self-Identity? Andrew Dobson states “Who I am? A question everyone at some point will ask themselves”. This is very important because that is what Hamlet is going through right now. He is wondering who he is and what he wants to accomplish with his life. This is also when Hamlet decides how he is going to trap Claudius and find out if he killed his father. The Article Know thyself by John Mayer we read about the ability to reason. It says “Those who are talented at this reasoning power make better guesses about how people are likely to behave” this is exactly what Hamlet is doing to uncover Claudius. He reasons that is Claudius saw a reenactment of his killing that his emotions will give him away and by watching how he behaves during the play reenacting the king’s death. This is when Hamlets wheels are set in motion and the revenge plan starts to unfold, but this is after the challenge of being

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