What Challenges Does Sala Dut Face Analysis

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Coca Cola tastes yummy. Coca Cola was invented by John Pemberton in 1892. In A long walk to water Slava’s favorite drink was Coca Cola and his dad would bring it to him from the market. This reminds Salva about the happy times he thought about this during the tough challenges. Salva Dut face so many challenges because he had to run from his school and leave his family, Becoming a leader of 1,500 boys and making his big water for South Sudan a success. Here are some of the challenges Salva Dut faced in order to live.

One of the tough challenges Sala Dut faces was having to run away from his school. One reasons why this was so hard is he had to leave his village because it was under attack by the rebels who are trying to take over Sudan. Salva was also also alone and he is 11 years old and has to leave his family and he might not see them
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Salva had to try to take care of all of them by making all of them have a job and also share all the food. And most likely make sure people don't fight or hurt each other. Also Salva had to plan out where they were going to walk and how long to walk for so they don’t die from thirst or getting to tired. Also where to go to find food. Also Salva had to make sure the group stayed out of trouble like lions hyenas and also thugs like the ones that killed Slava’s uncle.

The other challenge Slava faced was making his water for South Sudan project happen.Salva had to raise a lot of money to get the supplies needed like the drill, workers and tools. Salva had to speak in front of a lot of people and he had never spoken in front of so many people. On pg 108 it says “He knew english was still not very good.What if he made a mistakes in pronunciation, what if the audience couldn't understand him?”Also Salva had to make people interested in his project and want them to support it and spread the word. Finally he had to plan how it would work and where to do it in South

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