Prior To The Neolithic Revolution: Questions On Civilization

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1. What characteristics are critical for a society to become a civilization? What enabled civilizations to develop? How would you define “uncivilized”? For a society to become civilized they need to have writing, forms of communication, science, education, and a stable form of government. Civilizations developed because of agriculture, the formation of cities, large permanent settlements, and the specialization of labor. I would define uncivilized as a place or a group of people who are not highly developed in the things previously described. 2. What advantages does an agriculturally based society have over a hunter/gatherer society? An agriculturally based society has the advantages of having a stable source of food, being able to stay in one area, and a smaller…show more content…
What impact did each of the following items have on agricultural production? Pottery, plows, woven textiles, metallurgy, wheels and wheeled vehicles. Pottery allowed for the storage of extra food. Plows allowed for a more efficient way to farm. Textiles were used to make clothing items and baskets. Metallurgy provided longer lasting and more efficient tools. Wheels and wheeled vehicles allowed for an easier way to trade goods long distances. It also was used to attach to animals, helping agriculture. 5. How do gender roles changes due to the Neolithic Revolution? Prior to the Neolithic Revolution, society was relatively egalitarian. Following the Neolithic Revolution, most of the work was done by men, and household work and textile production was mainly done by women. This led to the creation of a patriarchal society. 6. Where did the earliest civilizations develop and why did they choose those locations? One of the earliest civilizations was Mesopotamia. It was located at the fertile crescent in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, as they provided the necessary source of fresh water. 7. Why is the development of writing important in the history of the river-valley
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