What Contributions Did Andrew Jackson Make To American Life

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Jacksonian Democracy “Discuss the Presidency and life of Andrew Jackson. What contributions did he make to American life and politics?” Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767. His hometown was a place called “The Waxhaw settlement” which was a community of Scotch-Irish immigrants that were along the border between North and South Carolina. Jackson’s parents were Andrew and Elizabeth, and he lived with two older brothers, Hugh and Robert. Jackson was named after his father who had previously died before his birth. He was raised by his widowed mother in the Waxhaws settlement. He grew up with a large extended family that included Scots-Irish immigrant farmers. Jackson’s mother wanted him to become a Presbyterian minister, but Jackson was too involved in pranking and fighting others to even be considered. From 1778-1781, the American Revolutionary War raged in the Carolinas. Andrew Jackson and his brothers joined the army to fight against the British, and when he was just at the age of thirteen, his oldest brother Hugh died of heat stroke after fighting in the Battle of Stone Ferry in…show more content…
After one year, he resigned from his senate post so he could have a job closer to home, like a judge of Tennessee’s Superior Court. In 1802 Jackson challenged Governor John Sevier for election as the major general in command of the state militia. Jackson beat him for the general role, but the aftermath brought them to another duel. After that, Jackson became well known for his temper. The most notorious is the affair in 1806, which began with a misunderstanding over a horse race, and it ended with a duel with pistols between Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickinson. Jackson won the duel. After this Jackson thirsted for military action. He got this at the victory of the Battle of New Orleans and he was then became a United States major
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