What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown Analysis

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What does it mean to be an athlete? What would an athlete need more; brains or brawn? To be an athlete, you need brains and brawn, but I feel that you need brawn more. You have to have the physical endurance to keep your body going. To get better at a sport, you have to keep training, not studying. In the passages, What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown by Kelefa Sanneh, and Why We Run, by Bernd Heinrich, you can really see where I’m coming from. Being an athlete takes a lot of practice and training your body physically. In the passage What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown, the author is trying to explain how if Folk would have missed the extra point, “the Vikings would have been able to tie the game with a touchdown drive and a two-point conversion.” This was possibly not the best choice for him, some people thought, but he did what he felt was right. He learned this way; he was trained this way. This took practice! He wasn’t born with the ability to play football, much less know how to run a certain play. Also, in the passage Why We Run, the author thinks that we are “natural-born runners, even though many of us forget this fact.” Why do we ‘forget this fact’? In this piece of text, I feel that the author implies that we forget this fact…show more content…
In the story Why We Run, by Bernd Heinrich, he covers this point perfectly. Heinrich wants to know “how to prepare to run that far” (66). What he’s trying to say is, you cannot just go outside and run a distance like that. You have to prepare your body and practice until you feel ready to race. You can train in different ways. You can go to shorter runs, as shown in the story, or just working out and eating healthy could help you train for the longer-distance run. You could start going to a gym, or run around your neighborhood, or whatever it takes to get you in
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