What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown Essay

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Do you train more for the big game mentally or physically? I train more mentally than physically for the big game. I say that mental prowess is as important as physical prowess in sports. I will use evidence from What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown and Why We Run to backup my claim that mental prowess is as important as physical prowess in sports.

In the story What Could Be Better Than A Touchdown author Kelefa Sanneh tells the real life story of New York Jets safety Dwight Lowery. I know most people think football is all about strength and hitting people well Dwight 's story shows a different side of football. The Jets were up by two and the Minnesota Vikings had the ball. Dwight watched a pass play unfold and as soon as Brett Favre threw
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He believes that he has eons of instincts to run longer and farther.He says” The artist had been here hundreds of generations before me, but that was only a blink of an eye compared to the eons that have elapsed since bipedal intermediate between our aplike and our recognizably human ancestors left the safety of the forest for the savanna some 4 million years ago,to start running. There is nothing quite so gentle,deep,and irrational as our running-and nothing quite so savage,and so wild.P.69” This shows that even our 4 million year old ancestors went new places to start running so why shouldn 't we. The author also compares his training to animals and he looks to running species for tips on how to train. Another piece of evidence from Why We Run is when the author says¨Throughout the hundreds of millions of years of animal evolution,there has been selective pressure on some species to be able to travel farther and quicker,and and to do more economically and under ever more adverse conditions than either their competitors or their predators.P.67¨ These species don 't wake up and head to the gym every morning. These species mentally prepare and most do succeed in their goals.This helped the author believe in himself, train harder and run that 100 kilometer race. Without that belief he may have never completed his goal. This emphasizes that without mental preparation Bernd
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