What Could You Do If You Weren T Afraid Analysis

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Women have been fighting for gender equality for many years. Although humanity is composed by two different genders, females have been more discriminated than males in job positions or education. Race, economic status or ethnicity also made a difference in a women to success. Sheryl Sandberg, in her essay "Lean In: What Could You Do If You Weren't Afraid?", seriously discusses the possible facts that may be impeding the equal success between genders. Sandberg claims that parenting is an important fact to form equality since the beginning that a child is raised. Mothers tent to overestimate their sons and underestimate the ability of their daughters. Also, she believes that women should be more ambitious to high positions in jobs. As a feminist, Sandberg gives solutions for what she believes is the problem, encourages women to fight for equality and be ambitious.

Pathos is the use of emotions to convince the audience of an argument. Sandberg shares her mother's and grandmother's
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Hooks claims that Sandberg's finances and popularity have helped her in her success, most women don't have the same opportunities that Sandberg does. Her essay is not efficient enough, since she does not gives new solutions, she speaks about old ideas that many people have tried to change already. She also can't represent or speak for all women when she has been in a very good position, women from other races or countries can not success even when they have the ambition to achieve their goals. Sandberg spoke about equality, when she apparently wants to be better than men. In order to improve equality between gender, we should start with respect in the actual society. Women should be giving all their potential and start thinking that they can achieve whatever it is they want, real movement and change begin from women

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