What Culture Identity Is To Me

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What Culture Identity Is To Me
Everyday people stare at me in hallways at school, while I’m at the grocery store or just walking outside. They look at me and ask me questions about why I wear that scarf looking thing on my head. I tell them it’s part of my religion. They ask me, what is your religion? I tell them my religion is Muslim. They also ask me, what is it like being a Muslim? I tell them it’s nothing different from a normal person. But in some ways we are because of the way we dress and speak. I 'm proud of being a Muslim. It 's another side of me that I could relate to on things. It 's who I am.
My hijabs that I wear represent my culture and me. A hijab is a typical scarf that comes in different shapes,sizes,colors,and patterns. It
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Language is most important in my culture. I speak Arabic as my first language and I 'm fluent but sometimes need help with words. The writing is different and can be difficult, for example if I were to write, “My name is Danya” in Arabic it would look like this, اسمي دانيا. In English we write from left to right but in Arabic you write right to left. It 's a way of communicating with other people just like me such as my parents because they understand more if I speak to them in Arabic and their own language than English. They didn 't go to schools that taught English, it was an all Arabic school. This was in the Middle East. My dad was born and raised in Kuwait and my mom was born and raised in Palestine. My parents would communicate with me in Arabic if they don 't understand something that I said In English even though my dad does understand English more than my mom does. Just because my dad used to have his own store and he would speak in English to his customers and friends that would come in. So as the years went by he got the hang of it but my mom is still working on it. Not everyone knows how to speak English but that 's okay, you can still succeed in life. Most jobs nowadays recommend that you know how to speak and
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