What Defines American People

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What defines a people? Some argue that they are defined by their technological achievements, the monuments they built, the languages they created and the philosophies or culture that they contributed to the global platform. Others argue that it is the superficial components such as our appearance and our wealth that defines us. How then do we define the American people? English is a medley of different sounds and etymologies, our monuments draw inspiration from the outside sources such as the Romans and the Egyptians. And our population is a compendium of human diversity. What is it then that unifies the American people? What is the spark that separates them from the rest of the world? Looking in the metaphysical spectrum, it becomes apparent that what separates Americans from the rest is not a…show more content…
This guiding principle draws inspiration from the current attitude of the time and is subject to change. During the early stage of American history, a time otherwise known as “The Age of Reason,” grit motivated the common man, however in our current era, it is initiative that is our guiding principal. “Give me liberty or give me death.” These words were spoken by an impassioned Patrick Henry, who upon seeing that the colonies would be following a course of inaction was forced to remind his compatriots that regardless of their strength and numbers, they had to fight otherwise it would be tantamount to be retreating in “submission and slavery.” The whole speech is charged with ideals of hardiness, resilience, the idea the one must work hard and even sacrifice to get what he wants. To put it simply, it represents grit. It
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