What Did African Americans Have To Say About Reconstruction

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Question #1 The Conservatives plan was to see changes made after the war. They wanted the South to abolish slavery, along with Lincoln 's proposition to give amnesty to all whites in the South that would agree with the terms. The African Americans were also given an opportunity to succeed via the suffrage, if they were educated, owned property or served in the Union Army. The Conservatives were taking this transition period to make things right for the African Americans. In part the Radicals had the same idea of helping the African Americans, but there thinking was more extreme. They proposed to take land from well off white land owners to disperse among the freedmen. At the same time the group wanted to get rid of black civil rights in the area. The Radical Republicans had the upper hand at the end since they had the majority on staff for Congress and the House of Representatives. The group also successfully passed 3 bills that were game changers. Likewise the group passed 2 laws, one protected the job of Secretary of War (Edwin M. Stanton) and the second forbade the president from giving military orders except through the General of the Army. Question #2 The process to impeach Andrew Johnson was such a calamity in the part of the Radicals. The group tried to dismiss him because he was…show more content…
The African American community was able to provide for their families and a sense of pride in their own work and send their kids to school. The government was looking for the best interest of the former slaves. On the other hand historians see that time in history as a failure. African Americans were pushed into political positions without the proper knowledge or training. The blacks were not place in a positon to succeed from the very beginning. This side of the spectrum noted the Reconstruction failed the blacks “to seek their rights as citizens
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