What Did Hoover's Belief That Government Should Not Give Handouts

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1. Describe Hoover’s childhood, career, and education.
Hoover was familiar to poverty because he was born into it. When he was young his parents died, so he was raised by his two uncles. He had to pay for his own college tuition because his uncles were enabled to help with the costs. He attended Stanford University where he graduated with a degree in engineering. Throughout his academic career, he worked hard for his accomplishments. Hoover at the age of 40 had already earned enough money to maintain his family, so he decided to dedicate his working life to government services and private charities. He ran a U.S. relief agency in Belgium to help people, and Woodrow Wilson brought him back to the U.S. and made him head of Food Administration. His work
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What reinforced Hoover’s belief that government should not give handouts?
Hoover’s belief that government should not give handouts was reinforced by the fact that he had made his own fortune without any assistance from the government.

4. What was Hoover’s belief in volunteerism?
Hoover’s belief in volunteerism was based on people’s benevolence to help each other. During the Depression, he asked people to show neighborly assistance and to not rely on government aid. He believed that people voluntarily helping out their neighbors was fundamental to the honorable American life.

5. What precedent did Hoover break and why?
Hoover broke laissez-faire because he wanted to save the major economic institutions of the United States. Congress passed the Reconstruction Finance Cooperation due to Hoover’s request to set money aside to save banks, railroads, insurance companies, etc. from failing.

6. Why did Hoover believe in a balanced budget?
Hoover believed in a balanced budget because he thought it was unfair for people to have a debt that their children or grandchildren would have to pay. Hoover also thought that businesses wouldn’t be able to grow as efficiently and start producing again if they kept borrowing
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