Larry Hall The Untold Experience Analysis

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Larry Hall: The untold experience of a Vietnam veteran
Joseph Campbell a American mythologist said,"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself." The dictionary defines courage as being able to do something that is frightening, but my definition of courage includes those who risk their lives to protect our country. Every veteran has an extreme amount of courage and a unique story. Each of their stories offers outsiders a perspective of what war was like and how it changed them. This is the story of Larry Hall's journey as a Vietnam veteran and how his experience helped make him into the person he is today. Larry’s story during the War and his life after help us understand that military experiences molds
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The bunkers are where Larry got his first experience in the field, He spent his first 13 months protecting the bases. Larry describes it as “ Straight after boot camp I got the opportunity to be sent to a place called Okinawa. When I first arrived in early January, I was sent to one of the bases as a sort of “ Protection” I was there until February of ’66, my first 13 months was up.I got rotated out and back to base camps, but I will never forget the time I spent there because that is the first taste I got of what my life was going to be like”. The bases are a significant part of the Vietnam experience because those bunkers oserved an important role during this time another veteran official describes the tunnels at “French bunkers served a key role during combat operations, including as a base for Communist attacks against nearby Saigon. VC soldiers lurking in the tunnels set numerous booby traps for U.S. and South Vietnamese infantrymen, planting trip wires that would set off grenades or overturn boxes of scorpions or poisonous snakes onto the heads of enemy troops.” The quote is showing the importance of the bunkers and explains the role that set up Larry’s military…show more content…
Larry experienced the importance of protecting and defending the bunkers during the war, this being his first experience being stationed.This task showed him what it ment to be a soldier. Getting the vital job of making sure the bunkers were safe for not only him but for other soldiers as well taught. While every military story is very different and interesting to see how one envolves from when they first joined to how they endedesrFor Larry being in the military helped shape him into who he is today, He shared how it helped him grow up. Larry Hall came back from the military sure of the next steps in his life, that he was ready for a family knew he wanted a family. After the military everyone's lives go in different directions and whatever path a vetern ends up on they will always carry with them the lessons they were taught, and that is an irreplacable vaule. It is important to understand how the war has changed so many lives, for good and bad, it affects everyone diffrently, but by being able to listen or read someones story, it gives perspective and understanding on how the war affected their life . By getting the chance to read about
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