What Did Voltaire Do During The Enlightenment

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The 17th and 18th century was a time known as the age of enlightenment or the age of reason. John Locke, Voltaire, Adam Smith, and Mary Wollstonecraft were all part of the enlightenment philosophers of the age of reason. During the age of reason philosophers would gather to discuss about politics, economics, religion, and the social role of women. All of the enlightenment philosophers made a huge impact on how we live today by fighting for what they believed in by sharing their ideas and thoughts. Voltaire was an extraordinary leading historical supporter of tolerance, he made a great change on the equality of religion today. Voltaire says, “ If one religion were only allowed the government would very possibly become arbitrary. If there were but two, people would cut one…show more content…
In the 18th century Wollstonecraft changed Women's rights forever when she published “ A Vindication of the Rights of Woman”. During the 18th century women were supposed to stay at home and cook, clean, and take care of their family. Therefore, women were not allowed to vote or study history, art, geography, etc. Wollstonecraft believed that both men and women had equal abilities, and they should both have equal rights. Wollstonecraft says, “ Reason and experience convince me that the only method of leading women to fulfill their peculiar duties is to free them from all restraint by allowing them to participate in the inherent right of mankind. Make them free, and they will quickly become wise and virtuous”. In this quote Wollstonecraft tells us how women should have the right to an equal education as men. Wollstonecraft knew that women were wise and were able to reason, just like men do. After publishing “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” Wollstonecraft showed women that they were just as equal as men and they could do what they wanted to do. Wollstonecraft was an amazing philosopher and changed the world for
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