What Disappointment Do Soraya And Amir Face?

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20. What disappointment do Soraya and Amir face? Do you think Amir should have told Soraya about his betrayal of Hassan before they were married? Why or why not? What does this do to a relationship?
They are disappointed because they are unable to have children and I believe that Amir should have opened up to Soraya about the incident he encountered with Hassan. As she told Amir about her past actions that she wasn’t proud of and put her trust in him.
21. In 1989, what is going on in Afghanistan? Who are the Mujahedin? Who is in charge?
In 1989 the Soviets left Afghanistan and the Mujahedin were the people who drove the Russians out of the country. The Mujahedin are a Muslim terrorist group that were praised by the Afghan community for saving
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In Chapter 15, Amir meets with the dying Rahim Khan. Where are they?
He meets Rahim in Peshawar, Pakistan.
2. What does Amir say about clichés? Why does Amir use the cliché about "an elephant in the room" to describe his meeting with Rahim Khan?
7. In Chapter 17, Rahim gives Amir a letter from Hassan, who wrote it six months before. What is the tone of this letter? How does Amir react?
Hassan spoke as an older version of his younger self and he was still the most loyal friend to Amir, by showing his concern for Amir’s whereabouts and life in general. Hassan letters were written with such passion and interest and had Amir’s wellbeing at heart. Even though Hassan knew that his best friend had betrayed him, he was always ready to forgive Amir but Amir was the one that could face Hassan because he couldn’t forgive himself. Rahim Khan tells Amir of the story about Hassan and Hassan’s wife’s death and that their son, Sohrab, is now living in an orphanage in Kabul.
8. In Chapter 18, Amir finds out that both Hassan and his wife were shot by the
Taliban trying to protect Baba’s house, orphaning their son. Rahim tells Amir it is his job to find Sohrab in Karteh-Seh, Afghanistan, and take him to an orphanage in Peshawar, Pakistan. What is Amir’s reaction? Do you think Rahim's dying wish is unfair? Why or why
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