What Do I Look For In A Good Movie Essay

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What do I look for in a good Movie?

The three things I look for in a good movie are, Actor/Actresses, Title, trailer. I look for the actors or actresses because when my favorite actors or actresses are in a movie I know that it’s going to be an excellent movie. I look for the title because without a good title I might not watch the movie. I look at the trailer also sometimes the trailer gives off exciting events in the movie that entices me to want to see the movie. I love comedies especially romantic comedies are my favorite. I love seeing what the plot is and if the plot thickens and can keep my attention. I like more movies with a lot of humor in it. I rather am laughing than scared or crying. The last movie I watched that I enjoyed was
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It was better than the trailer. Ice Cube is a rapper/actor that wrote and produced the movie. I was kind of wondering if he could pull off a good movie with comedian Kevin Hart because he had never worked with him before but I must say they complimented each other well in the movie. They did a really good job together and, when I saw that they were going to make a part two to the movie I got excited all over again. Because I knew it was going to be a good movie again from start to finish. In my opinion, I think Kevin Hart made the movie great because of his silly character he portrayed in the movie. He is one of the many comedians/actors I look for in movies because most of the time they make the movies what it is from their silly roles they play. I normally don’t look to see who produces the movies, but when I see Ice Cube I know that he produced and will be starring in the movie. I also like the fact that Ice Cube makes nothing but family comedies and, action packed family comedies. I like movies that no matter how old they are I can still watch them over and, over again and can still get a good laugh out of it. Like Ice Cube’s first movie “Are We There Yet.” I have seen that movie over and over but that movie never gets boring

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