The Brother Ice Cube: Movie Analysis

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What do I look for in a good Movie?

The three things I look for in a good movie are, Actor/Actresses, Title, trailer. I look for the actors or actresses because when my favorite actors or actresses are in a movie I know that it’s going to be an excellent movie. I look for the title because without a good title I might not watch the movie. I look at the trailer also sometimes the trailer gives off exciting events in the movie that entices me to want to see the movie. I love comedies especially romantic comedies are my favorite. I love seeing what the plot is and if the plot thickens and can keep my attention. I like more movies with a lot of humor in it. I rather am laughing than scared or crying. The last movie I watched that I enjoyed was “Ride
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The Brother Ice Cube had this whole hardcore thing going about his self, and the brother in law Kevin Hart had the whole timid thing going about himself. Kevin wanted to be a police officer but lacked the confidence needed to be a police officer. Ice Cube thought it was funny to take Kevin Hart on a string of calls and scare him out of being a police officer. Each time Kevin had a conversation with his brother in law he would say funny things. Which made the whole movie funny because even though he was scared how reacted to being scared made it just that funny. Because the whole time he was being silly when his brother in law was being serious. I loved how it ended as well because despite their differences they had one thing in common the love they had for the cop’s sister and came together to save her. What a wonderful ending I thought. How well does the move meet the qualities that I listed above? It met all my expectations it was funny kept me laughing throughout the movie. It was supposed to be a comedy but, I think it was an action-packed comedy and, an awesome one at that. One of my favorite comedians was in it and the plot thickened had Lost’s of twist and turns had me
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