What Do Men Really Want Analysis

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Summary: According to What Do Men Really Want? written by Eric Jaffe, men are more complex than originally thought. Jaffe talks about how men perceive women’s bodies, how attraction works, commitment, and the complexity of men. Most of the stereotypes people have predisposed toward men, backed by several researcher’s surveys and experiments, are found only partially true. Jaffe states that men want women for sexual reasons. He then continues by contradicting that statement and giving examples of surveys and experiments on how they enforced and denounced the stereotype. Evolutionary psychologists say that there is a “universal male urge to reproduce” (Jaffe, 65). That statement is backed by research that shows men are more likely to think a woman is more physically attractive if they have an hourglass figure. However, studies done all over the world show that the norm for a woman’s physical attractiveness of her body varies depending on the region they asked—men and women in the…show more content…
The four main topics he touched on were backed with a lot of research from several studies. By him doing so, it made the article more believable, and yet more shocking. The author did a very good job getting his point across by using the facts of several experiments to reinforce his thesis. The information was very clear, but a little opinionated in certain places in the article. Jaffe’s work was well worded, and easy to follow. Most of the work was based on experiments and studies conducted by many universities, such as the work done by Swami and Ackerman. There were a few examples that he threw in there that were his own; he made the article read as if he were talking to you. There were also a few instances where he would talk to the reader—“I must stress here to my girlfriend and my mother that I do not do this to admire the view. All right, so partly I do this to admire the view.” (Jaffe,
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