What Do People Wear In Medieval Days

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Some people wonder what people use to wear during the Medieval days. It could be very nice or very poor.The life of the people would be what kind of things they would wear. In the Medieval days some people had higher classes and most people were in the lower classes. The classes went King,Lords,Clergy and, Knights,Vassals, then the lowest two classes were the Peasants and Serfs. The king would run the government and supervise everything. The Lord would give out land to the Vassals for them to run it. The Clergy was a church official and would help run the church. The Knights would protect and serve in the government. The Vassals would run the land and help keep for the land. The Serfs and Peasants would do all the physical labor well most of it however they had the worst lives.The Wealthy classes would hold grand ceremonies and banquets, collected taxes, settled disputed, and made laws-they held special court sessions to sort out arguments over land-holding. But for the Serfs/Peasants life was rough the only way for freedom for the Serfs was to marry a free women, or saving enough money to buy a plot of land. According to the law, they did not belong to themselves, everything they had belonged to the…show more content…
The higher classes would wear leather boots and cloth over them when it is muddy, the lower classes would wear well some went barefoot or they would have buckled shoes with weak soles. The shoes or footwear could have been nice or poor looking the same as the clothes or cloth it was very diverse. In the Medieval days the men would wear linen underwear if they could afford that, then long tunics, robes, short tunics with breathers, stockings, and belted coats some would wear hoods. The women would wear long linen cremisi, or slips under tunics and sleeveless gowns. They had cone shaped hats made of linen vails.the clothing back then from men to women were not that

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