What Do You Know About Nikki Woods Analysis

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What Do You Know About Nikki Woods? Nikki Woods is the senior producer of The Tom Joyner Morning Show. According to Black Enterprise, the show is the "#1 syndicated urban morning show in the nation, reaching over 8 million people daily." Woods did not start as a senior producer. She entered the media market 20 years ago in television and worked her way over to the radio market. Her career has taken her to Boston, Connecticut, St. Louis, Chicago, and, most recently, Dallas. In between gigs, Woods kept her own passion alive, starting Nikki Woods Media seven years ago. Black Enterprise asked Woods what the secret to her success is, and she did her best to boil it down into a few bullets. 1. Don 't take no for an answer. Woods said that she heard "no" a lot. She learned to hear it as "not now" and stayed persistent. She said that you cannot give up and must keep moving forward. If you want to be successful in your business, you cannot let the…show more content…
Be a Student. Once you think you know everything the writing is on the wall. You have to keep learning. One great way to do this is to surround yourself with a great support staff and system. You don 't just want the ones who stroke your ego, either. You need people who can challenge you to succeed. 3. Prepare, but be flexible. You need to have a plan and prepare for future, but be careful that you don 't "allow yourself to get so caught up in preparing that you neglect to even start." Others spend so much time preparing that they don 't spend any time producing. You have to be prepared, but you also have to be flexible enough to go with the flow and adjust to the unexpected. 4. Prepare your legacy. Woods believes that the purpose of your business should not be only about you in the here and now but in leaving a legacy behind. She says that "writing a book is the most efficient way to grow your brand, your business, and build your speaking platform." She wrote the book "Shift" about women who succeeded against the
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