What Do You Mean By Going To College Essay

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After you 're through high school life everything dramatically changes. You might go from a free spirit to someone who is uptight and is in need of money. I think the best way to set yourself for a good future is by going to college. So in other words i think college is very valuable because of the money you 'll make to support yourself you 'll get better security in the long run and you 'll have more job opportunities. First of all if you go to college you 'll make more money to support yourself or a family and also that money can be for better security such as insurance. By the going to college you 'll make over 1000 dollars more per week than people who have a college diploma. First of all by doing this you 'll have more options of jobs to go to and they 'll fit you by what your degree is in. Second, the jobs that are…show more content…
only having a high school diploma there is a 9.4% chance of being unemployed but having a doctoral degree or professional degree you have a 2.4-2.5% chance of being unemployed. Also by going to college your putting yourself out there and by doing this people will know you then you might be more likely to get a good job if you do good. But by going to college you have a lot more of a chance to have a good job and make good money. Some might argue that college is a waste of time or money. Yes it cost a lot but the job you get after your going to make way more money over your whole life paying for the college than you will with a minimum wage job. After it 's paid for then you have all the money that you need instead of living paycheck to paycheck. Although it might not be the right option for everyone but you know where you stand. Overall college is the better option. You will have a lot of opportunities and get way more money. If you don 't think that college is the better i think you need to think again and go
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