What Do You Say Under The Gravestone Hidden Away By Thomas Jefferson

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Jocelyne Resendez
English III Research Paper
November 16, 2015
Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was born at Shadwell in Albemarle county, Virginia on April 13, 1743, and died in July 4, 1826. There was one major experience that influence his writing. For example he was inspired by John Locke’s belief: That people were where born with certain natural rights of life, liberty and poetry. Jefferson was a brilliant man according to his poem “What do you say under the gravestone hidden away”. In particular his poem talks about how he used to help people, and that they didn’t took him seriously, also he is the narrator of his poem, in addition he concludes that you don’t always satisfied people with the things you do for them and that people would never remember the million times you’ve help them, only the times you don 't, and that is right people would always see the things they want to see.
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Jefferson was only doing what makes him happy and enjoy everything in his life according to his poem when he says “life, life’s too weighty? Too long a haul, sir? I lived past eighty. I liked it all sir.” Lastly, as a result of Jefferson’s amazing skill and writing, he impacted not only his country, but the whole world, even though he was criticized according to his poem when he says “they call you rascal? They called me worse”. Emphasizing that we got into his life terrible critics, but just like a mature man he didn’t even care that much about that, he was just doing his work and writing and that was all that

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