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Q3 - OE_Strengths
What do you see as Tullow’s particular strengths as an investment?
"Exposure to emerging African oil basins that hold the potential for long tern free cash flow and growth. I think that is the biggest strength. Certainly a very experienced and successful exploration team. That is another strength. And also a history of bringing those projects to development and managing the challenges of moving from exploration success to development and cash flow."
Q4 - OE_Weaknesses
What do you see as Tullow’s particular weaknesses as an investment?
"You know, I think mainly it has been the balance sheet and level of spending. I think they were probably over infatuated with exploration and got to a point where they had become so big that
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So what is in the pipeline beyond 2020, beyond South America. And given that Norway has become a big area they went with an acquisition and then basically closed it down. So maybe a little bit of a post mortem of what failures they had there and how that changes their outlook going forward. Probably just how committed they are to their business strategy. Because they have changed over the years. Like I mentioned before, it was a bit more wild-cat/high risk/high reward exploration and spending. And now they have come back to more moderate risk exploration and getting spending down. So I am curious if we were to go back to good times and prices were higher, if they would be able to maintain their disciple in that environment or would if they would go back to chasing big elephants…show more content…
"5. I think they do a very good job. Their materials are very good. It is very clear in their communications."
Q21 - AccessToSeniorManagement
How would you rate Tullow’s investor communications in regards to providing access to senior management, using the six-point scale where 6 is excellent and 1 is poor?
"5. I think they do a very good job. Their materials are very good. They are very clear in their communications. There has been a big improvement in the last five years. It is tough to get people out here on the west coast in California. And they have certainly stepped it up and become more present at conferences as well. So I see then a lot more over the last three to four years than I used to back in 2006-2010 time period."
Q22 - IR_LevelOfDisclosure
On the same six-point scale, how would you rate Tullow’s level of disclosure?
"5. It’s pretty good."
In general, do you believe that Tullow’s investor relations program is better, about the same as or worse than the IR programs of "Global companies in

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