What Do You See Dignity In Care Reflection

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“What Do You See? Dignity in Care” is a short inspirational film by Amanda Waring. She is also an actress, writer and film maker who is rigorously campaigning for improving elder’s care. She is actively working on behalf of older people and trying to create awareness for ‘compassion care’ with regards to elderly bed-ridden people. This short film is an eye opener and is being used in the training sessions of care staff. Her CDs, books, films, and workshops are transforming the perspective of elderly care (Waring, 2010). In the film “What Do You See? Dignity in care”, which stars Virginia McKenna, Amanda takes us to a journey of one day in the life of an elderly stroke-ridden woman who is being moved to a care home. This victim makes silent pleas to her carers to “look closer. see me”. This film brings tears to your eyes. The plight of the old woman and the silent unspoken complaints speak volumes of her feelings. Residential care must be respected and the patients need and deserve the same care as facility centers. This extraordinary and fantastic film highlights the need of positive and emotional care. It has created a great impact and is transforming the culture within care homes. Through her works, Amanda is trying to bring changes in the…show more content…
My mother was suffering from psoriasis and I personally witnessed what devastating effect in-humane care had on her. She was ill treated and ignored at every turn of her life. The demoralizing attitude of the home-carer who looked after her needs was very disheartening. I felt that she was given best medical care but the worst emotional care. My mother was not given the respect that she deserved. With no personal touch, eye contact and communication, she had lost the will to live. Although, my mother died after three years due to major organ failures, I think she had died emotionally long before her medical death.(Wordpress.com,
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