What Do You Wish Of This Gold Fish Analysis

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There are many forms of “acceptance” but what does it actually stand for? Acceptance is fund in many different form and displayed in different ways; for instance acceptance is shown in three different ways between the stories “what do you wish of this goldfish”, “Texas V. Johnson” and “American flag stands for tolerance”. Furthermore, the story “what do you wish of this gold fish” displays acceptance as a positive thing, But it shows this through the eyes of a sad man whos name is Sergi. In the beginning it shows the happier for of acceptance; By that I mean that sergi has accepted a talking gold fish as his friend. In this instance he is happy because he has someone to talk to and spend time with. At the end of the story he sacrifices…show more content…
This shows that Etgar Keret (the author) thinks that acceptance is key to happieness. Next up, is “Texas V. Johnson Majority Opinion”. In this court case acceptance is given a new meaning based off of the constitution its self. In this case they are deciding weather Burning the flag is defended by our right to self exspression or if this action is to be discriminated. Through the story the author give the pro and cons of this decision to better the result. In the end the author “William J. Brennan” proves that acceptance can change based on the situation. In this case acceptance must be showed, because their right defends their actions. The authors overview is that its good to show acceptance because it will better the end results. Now, “American flag stands for Tolerance” has essentially the same view; But it also expresses a counter claim with a completely different view on acceptance. On lines 10-21 its expressing that burning the flag from the case “Texas v. Johnson” should NOT be tolerated. This shows that acceptance in this instance is bad. Although the overall view I still that acceptance is better for everyone , where as Ronald J. Allen (the author) is expressing the same view as the prior court
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