What Does A Battle Rifle Mean To You Essay

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Everyone Is Telling Preppers What Firearms They Should Own
First, being told what to do, or having suggestions thrown at you is part of learning and gaining knowledge. Seeking advice is what you do, because if you don 't know, this means someone has to tell you. However, once you have training and skills you can then decide what is best for your situation.
What Do Need and What Do You Want
Some people may decide they do not need any firearms at all, and this is perfectly fine, your choice. Others make it a priority, and a small majority probably carry it a bit too far. Focusing too much on firearms, and letting the smaller details, which do matter by the way fall through the cracks.
A firearm is a survival tool, and it probably will be the
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Well, you would if you plan on going into battle, but what is a battle rifle, and is any rifle you go into to battle with by definition a battle rifle?
You may need a hunting rifle in some survival situations, but if you are more concerned about home defense, then why would you need a so-called battle rifle. You cannot perch on your roof and snipe at people walking by the house, you cannot shoot a burglar that is 100 yards away from your house, so unless you do plan on becoming a sniper then stick with a good hunting rifle that you probably already have. Don 't get caught up in believing you are going into a "tactical situation" every time there is a crisis. You are defending your home from looters, and other criminals, not fighting special operations teams.
Decide how you want to defend your family, yourself, and home. For most of you, there is probably no need to spend thousands of dollars on firearms that you know, that you truly know, you would never use during a crisis.
However, if you do believe that you will be fighting off hoards of marauders, military teams sent to haul you off to a FEMA camp, or will be fighting Zombies then grab your wallet and get busy buying, by all means start

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