What Does Amelie Bring Happiness?

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Amelie is the daughter of Raphael and Amadine (she dies early in the film). Her father was an ex-army doctor and diagnosed her with a heart defect. Since she was diagnosed with this, she was homeschooled and didn’t have any friends, only her fish Blubber who was suicidal. A few years later, she moves out into an apartment where she finds a dusty treasure. She looked for the owner, Dominique Bretodeau, to give him back his box. After receiving his box, he thought it was amazing and said that his guardian angel had returned his box. This gives her a feeling of harmony. After this, she knows that she wants to change the lives of people (anonymously) and add some happiness to the lives of others. She spends a lot of time trying to bring happiness to other people’s lives that she forgets about her own happiness.…show more content…
She noticed that in that album, there was a guy many times, Nino wanted to know about the mysterious man. Amelie set up a plan so Nino could find out what the man did, he was happy to find out that the man was an electrician who threw away his pictures each time he went to fix the photobooth. Next, she notices that Georgette likes Joseph and she brings them together. She also makes Madeleine Wells happy by re-creating a letter (that was lost) for her from her husband who had died in a plane accident. In the end, Amelie finally decides to give herself the opportunity to love (she was in love with Nino), which she discovered as she was helping
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