What Does Animal Farm Symbolize

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Symbolism is a key item or idea that ends up going beyond the meaning of itself. Symbols are everywhere ranging from a flag, animals, colors, and flowers. In the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell it seems that the whole farm is full of symbols and they all seem to symbolize the ideal society going into ruins. One reason the farm represents the idea society that is going into ruins is because of how some particular animals better themselves from the other animals. By making rules for the animals to live by made the animals equal, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” (Orwell 133). This symbolizes that since they are all animals that should be equal, but since they are all not of the same species, then certain animals make themselves more superior to the others. The animals live by the words that have been painted onto the barn making it seem as if they are all equal, but that is not the reality of…show more content…
In the ideal society what you see or hear becomes the ultimate reality rather than what has been overlooked from the other perspective which is the truth. The farm symbolizes truth from reality. Whatever the animals are told they automatically believe “Napoleon is always right” (70). Napoleon symbolizes what is exaggerated from the truth. He rearranges what has actually to make it the new reality, so automatically the animals can’t recall what had happened or they choose to believe it. It’s being arranged in ways that it still tells parts of past events but it is rearranged to where it’s in Napoleons favor. This causes old memories to fade and new ones to appear. Without being able to tell the difference from what is the truth they are most likely to forget what they choose to believe. It is the truth and the reality that carries the past events with it, a past that is forgotten is replaced with a new
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