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Friends will come and go. Some will exit your life as quickly as they entered, but there is the occasional one who will stick around for a long time. You develop a bond with this friend and your lives become intertwined, never to be separated. For me this friend has been basketball. I was born March 29th, 1999, but if you are a University of Connecticut basketball fan you will remember this as the day the Huskies won their first National title. The fact that these two events coincide, perfectly describes how closely my life has been connected to basketball. As the child of a college basketball coach, I have fond memories of time spent in the gym from an early age, whether it was dreaming of being as incredible as the guys on the court or…show more content…
If you cannot handle a loss it is difficult to be successful. This became evident my junior year of high school as my team prepared to play for the state championship. We had a winning mindset, as any great team would going into that game. However, when the final buzzer rang and we did not come out on top, I was struck with emotion, yet I knew I needed to glorify God and represent my school instead of letting my frustration overcome me. Basketball taught me to keep going and never allow the tough moments to define me. Second, basketball has taught me what it means to work hard, be a team player, push through, and to never give up. There were days that I did not want to practice or I felt like I had too much on my plate, but I knew that I had a commitment to my team which meant I was always there for them. These are important life lessons to learn not only as a player, but as a student.
Lessons from basketball have positively impacted all areas of my life. In my work and in my education, I am a team player. When my courses seem tough, I push through and do not give up. I am committed to my school work, my family, and my friends. Though basketball may step aside as a friend in my college years, it has shaped who I am for life, and my story is only complete when you understand the role this friend has

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