What Does Blue Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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Dan cody awards him a blue jacket, his gardens are blue, the water between him and Daisy was blue. A series of chattels can be blue weather that be in life or in F-Scott Fitzgerald´s novel, The Great Gatsby where the symbolization of blue portrays the message that hopes and dreams can often be only illusions in reality.
¨ A few days later he (Dan cody) took him (Gatsby) to Duluth and bought him a blue coat.¨ (Fitzgerald 106) This quote symbolizes that Gatsby is looking for a wealthy life and he is getting off to a great start by becoming an apprentice to Dan Cody, a wealthy billionaire. Cody gives him a blue coat as part of his uniform but if you dig a little deeper you can see that Gatsby does not really achieve wealth. Sure he achieves material wealth, he throws parties worth thousands of dollars but he does not have total wealth. The one reason why he
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¨A damp streak of hair lay like a dash of blue paint across her cheek.¨ Daisy, an excited little ball of joy was fuming with happiness which Gatsby was captivated by and longed for. As soon as he sees her face after a five year strife, her hair seems to be a blue streak, an illusion, and an unreality. Gatsby does not yet see it but Daisy is not able to change. Gatsby's hope of taking Daisy from Tom is being deceived by his dreams which truly are illusions. Daisy wishes to be with Gatsby but as she looks back on the five years that she has not been with or even seen Gatsby she cannot come to the conclusion of breaking relations with Tom. She has built a life with Tom, even if it is not as sturdy as she would hope, she cannot release Tom from her conscience.
In denouement, the color blue symbolizes Jay Gatsby's illusions and the unreality of his hopes and dreams of Daisy and a wealthy life, not in physicality but in relationship. Gatsby set a standard which is far above expectation for any human, let alone the love of his
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