What Does Bob Ewell Mean In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Ignorance Blinds Your Eyes Atticus’ biggest flaw is his ignorance to Aunt Alexandra’s warnings about Bob Ewell’s ominous actions towards him and his family. Shortly after Atticus released the desperate news of Tom Robinson’s death to Miss Maudie, Aunt Alexandra, and Scout,Aunt Alexandra indicates the peril that Bob will pose to Atticus. However, Atticus doesn 't trust her remark. “‘I can’t say I approve everything he does, Maudie, but he’s my brother, and I just want to know when this will ever end.’” (316) 2. Disbelief may end up blinding your eyes. Atticus is incognizant to his sister’s words and benighted that Bob Ewell can cause crises. Although Atticus is a straightforward and conscientious man, he is oblivious to the harm that Bob Ewell is obligating to Maycomb.…show more content…
“‘I don’t like it, Atticus, I don’t like it at all,’ was Aunt Alexandra’s assessment of these events. ‘That man seems to have a permanent running grudge against everybody connected with that case. I know how that kind are about paying off grudges, but I don’t understand why he should harbor one—he had his way in court, didn’t he?’” (335) From intruding a judge’s house to humiliating and harassing Helen Robinson, Bob Ewell is consistently intimidating Maycomb. Atticus is not a perfect character because he doesn’t realize that his weakness is not believing that Bob is mistreating the town. C. Atticus underrated Bob Ewell’s animosity and his violent temper although he won the
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