What Does Crispin Characterize

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Crispin: the Cross of Lead Saint Giles is not only the patron saint of beggars and cripples, he’s also the patron saint of Crispin. Saint Giles was a simples saint, a protector, and is a very appropriate saint for Crispin to look up to. To give some background knowledge, Saint Giles was a simple man. He lived his life in solitude because he learned that his blood was of nobility, and he did not want to be noble. Eventually, God sent him a red deer to keep him company and give him nourishment from her milk. Saint Giles was a vegetarian, he did not believe in harming creatures, instead protecting them. In the novel, Crispin, Crispin is describing a painting in the church and says, “The other reveals a picture of Saint Giles protecting an innocent deer from hunters, a reminder of how our faith should be.”…show more content…
He is the patron saint of not only beggars and the disabled, but cancer patients, Scotland, epilepsy, fear of night-time, and forests. He is also the defender of horses, the mentally ill, outcasts, and poor people. Crispin always prays to Saint Giles and says in the novel, “I made the sign of the cross over my heart, imploring Saint Giles to guide and help me as he’d done before.” (AVI 264) Finally, Saint Giles and Crispin are similar, and he is an appropriate Saint for Crispin to look up to. They both were sent a protector. Saint Giles was sent a deer to give him nourishment, and Crispin was sent Bear, to serve many purposes. They both risked their life for something they love. They both had noble blood and hid from it. Crispin talks a lot about looking up to Saint Giles saying, “I held him for the kin I’d never had.” (AVI 33) In conclusion, Saint Giles is definitely an appropriate saint for Crispin, given the fact they both lived a simple life and Saint Giles is a protector. Since Saint Giles is a guardian that lead such a simplistic life, similar to Crispin, he is an appropriate Saint to defend and represent
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