What Does Cyberbullying Cause Teen Suicide

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Cyberbullying is one of the fastest growing causes of teen suicide in America. Where does this start? The answer is simply, the classroom. This is just one of the many problems cell phones are responsible for in the classroom. Disturbing class is also becoming a large issue. As well as new and creative methods of cheating, described in further detail later. With the explosion of social media over the last half of a decade, cyberbullying has emerged and become a prominent issue. Cyberbullying is no different than bullying in person other than the fact that it happens online, usually over a cellphone. Cyberbullying is not only personal between the bully and the victim, but is available to anyone and everyone who is on the particular website. This act is not only morally wrong, but also ruing young lives. The number of teens lives taken due to cyberbullying has doubled in the last five years. Disturbances in the classroom have become one of the largest problems. Pushing teachers to take extreme measures such as having pouches or baskets in which to place your phone. The disturbances include phones buzzing, ringing, or a student having his/her phone out can cause a class to fall out of order very quickly. This can make it very difficult for a teacher to teach if, she gets the class under control. All of these things just add to the many…show more content…
Cellphones have presented new and creative ways of cheating. These techniques like, sending pictures of assignments to other students, have become extremely popular. Another example could be taking a picture of something you were required to memorize and making that picture your screen saver. This makes it very easy to just look down and “check your phone,” and have all the answers right on your screen. Obviously cheating has evolved to an entire new level. In the next few years who is to say that this problem will not be completely out of
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