What Does Federman Mean In The Great Gatsby

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People love others not for who they are,but for how they make them feel. - Irwin Federman Why does everyone they love pick the people that treat them like they 're nothing? I 'll tell you why it 's because we accept the love we think we deserve. After all, Irwin Federman has a great point when he claims people love others not for who they are, but for how they make them feel, which means that in our life we like the feeling we have or get with that one person rather than truly loving and knowing them for who they are. This is true for two main characters of F. Scott Fitzgerald 's novel The Great Gatsby First of all, Gatsby feels the need to relive the past with Daisy. However, he in other words is delusional to think this. Gatsby only know the Daisy from five years ago and puts up this non realistic image of her. All the parties, the reinvention of himself, and the house he bought across the dock from was all for one person Daisy. When Gatsby had Nick and Daisy over to his house Gatsby quickly says “Look at this,” “Here 's a lot of clippings about you.”(93) Clearly, he is trying to get Daisy to love him and make her feel bad about marrying Tom by showing her all the letters, pictures of their past relationship.This shows Gatsby’s feelings for Daisy are pretty much self serving and manipulative, that is not love at all.…show more content…
Reason for this is him being Gatsby was setting someone he was not by reinventing himself. He feels that Daisy is still the same women she was 5 years ago because she has grew feelings for Tom over the years in their marriage.Daisy may not have the same feelings for Gatsby she had 5 years ago because she has grew feelings for tom over the years in their marriage. Finally Gatsby and Daisy were not meant for eachother because he was still living in the past and Daisy is already in love
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