What Does Football Mean To Me

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What Football means to me

Think about the time in your life when you had no worries, and you just focused on having fun. For most people, that time is childhood. I was a happy child who enjoyed the companionship of friends, but most of all, I enjoyed football. I had started out playing soccer, but gave it up for football. I decided to try the sport after I realized all of my friends were having so much fun playing. Once I strapped on the helmet and shoulder pads, I was hooked.
Let me tell you first off, I loved football, but we were not a good team in my youngers days. I started in second grade, and from then all the way up to sophomore year, we only won about one game every year. There is just something about it though, that kept me coming …show more content…

When I was a younger kid, I looked up to the high schoolers like they were NFL players. I always dreamed about playing under the lights on friday night. Football now is a whole different story. All of the persistence and hardship of losing has finally payed off. I am now starting on a team that is going for their sixth state-championship in a row. I have realized that kids are looking up to me now, and they are in my exact shoes. They are all looking up to us varsity players like we are in the NFL. Football was always fun, but it 's even more fun when you 're winning every game. Football now is very different than it was when I was a kid. In highschool, it is not all fun and games, it is business. I work my butt off all year. In the off season I worked out almost every day, and during the season I push myself as hard as I can in practice to become better. To be honest, it can suck and I felt like quitting after my sophomore year, but I reminded myself how much it meant to me. I thought about how much my life revolved around football, and how much my parents wanted to watch me play. I can tell you now, that I feel completely stupid for even thinking about quitting. RIght now I would not trade High School football for anything in the world. There is just something about being with my team, which has become more like a family to me.We

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