Daniel Goffman Rhetorical Analysis

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FIELD NOTES 4 Excerpt 1: . On the leftmost table closest to us, there was a group of 4. They were all men in their early 30s, who I understood to be coworkers. They all wore buttoned up shirts with rolled up sleeves. I overheard the guy in the blue shirt mocking one of his coworker sitting across from him: “Daniel here, he is never on time for anything, especially to the Monday meetings”. The whole group erupted in laughter, as the guy in the blue shirt wrapped his hand around the man’s shoulder sitting next to him, who I perceive to be Daniel. From this excerpt, Goffman’s scheme of people’s roles that arise for a specific situation and event is clearly displayed. To explain, Goffman said that a person, the same way in a theatrical performance, takes on a distinct role and character that he/ she plays in relation with the audiences and the people around him/ her. Actually, Goffman described three roles that are exhibited by people. These are the informer, shill, and the spotter. Notably, in this particular excerpt, four men were having a conversation in the local pub, wherein one…show more content…
On the first excerpt, the man attempted to catch the waiter’s attention by raising his hand. Consequently, the waiter acknowledged the gesture of the customer, and returned it by locking eyes with him. However, the former was not able to attend immediately to the needs of the man because he was about to hand me the pub’s menu. Meanwhile, the man, who was the subject of the second excerpt, also tried to be noticed by the waitress by establishing an eye contact. But, because their location was far from one another, the waitress failed to notice that someone needs to be attended. Consequently, the man resorted to waving his hand coupled with eye contact, which was fortunately understood by the waitress. The latter then flashed her most pleasant smile and walked over to the table of the

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