What Does Hairwoman Symbolize In The Scarlet Letter

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Entry 6 (page 101-120) In English class, Melinda’s teacher, whom she calls Hairwoman, is stating that “it’s all about SYMBOLISM, says Hairwoman. Every word chosen by Nathaniel [Hawthorne], every comma, every paragraph break- they were all done on purpose” (101). Hairwoman also explains whom Hawthorne is by claiming that “this is Hawthorne, one of the greatest novelist! He didn’t do anything by accident he was a genius” (102). The author’s use of allusion is to better connect and compare the similar feelings Hester, a character in The Scarlet Letter, and Melinda’s experiences so far. Using the symbols in the novel which they refer to, the reader can connect the “symbols, like the weather, and the whole light and dark thing, to show how poor
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