What Does It Mean To Be Angry With God

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These lines from Edwards ' sermon states that since God has not let you be reborn, he is angry with you. Since you have not let God completely into your heart, he is putting you in his hands ascended over hell, waiting for you to be reborn. I feel like this is unfair, should it not be your choice whether you want to let God into your heart fully? There is nothing saying that God has been angry with us. Disappointed with us, yes, but outraged, no. It makes me feel uneasy thinking that God would be so angry at the fact that we haven 't let him completely into our hearts. What does it mean to let him into our hearts completely? To some of us it could mean to go to church and pray, but to other that could be praying once in a while and accepting that He exists. You do not have to go to church to be accepted into heaven.…show more content…
This is a way different time period. Some people do work on Sundays, or don 't have time to go to church every weekend, or even once a month. Also in this time, we are a little bit more accepting of people being a different religion than us or just not believing in God at all. In the Puritans ' time, there was no such thing as missing church or accepting someone else for a different religion. People were killed because they were presumed of being witches! We, now, don 't go out an hunt or kill witches. On another note, no one has to go to church to show their belief in God, you can do that from home, or on the train. You can show your belief in God anywhere, you don 't have to go to a building specifically for that

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