What Does It Mean To Say He's Soooo Good

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This quotation appealed to me because it showed me how Charlie, in his ignorance, misinterpreted the question in the first place, and tried to see something that wasn’t there. This quote can also show how Charlie still tries his hardest on things, even though it futile to do so. Charlie feels like this is a good thing, but this is an example of ignorance, in which in the real world, someone thinks they are getting praised, while in reality they are being made fun of, like someone saying “He’s soooooo good” (In a sarcastic manner) for example. Charlie does this by thinking the IQ of 68 is a good thing, and feels very proud because of this. Charlie is going through the phase when someone did something, and they expect a reward for that immediately.…show more content…
Miss Kinnian shows a glimpse of reality, that not all people are nice. She tells Charlie how people can be very mean, but how he is much better than any of them. Charlie does not get this at all right now, but later on he will realize what this meant. Charlie still has some misunderstanding when he states that all his friends liked him and they never did anything that wasn’t nice. Miss Kinnian had to go away because she knew that people did not treat him fairly, and he didn’t understand that all. Charlie first experiences people making fun of him, now that he has knowledge to understand that. This event must have hurt him deeply, because the very people he trusted and thought were his friends were actually mocking and making fun of him. He feels ashamed because people are using his name as an excuse for making mistakes, and he didn’t want to be known this way. This quote states how people are not used to and are kind of afraid of Charlie, as his newfound intelligence was not the Charlie they knew. Everybody in the factory shied away from him when he got near, and Joe Carp and Frank Reilly made excuses to avoid going out with him. He doesn’t know what the problem is with him. I can relate this quote to the real world, as some people can find themselves in the center of attention and not understand what is
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