What Does Jem Symbolize In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird is about racism and diversity, Atticus doesn't care about the color

of a mans skin and took on a colored mans case and defended him against rape


Harper Lee offers several examples of symbolism to explain the themes diversity,

racism, and courage. Smykowski explains “ First of all, the creation of the snowman by

Jem can be seen as being symbolic of Jem trying to cover up the black man and

Showing that he is the same as a white man, that all of mankind is virtually the same.”

Jem believes everybody is the same no matter the skin color. If you’re in the right and

you’re telling the truth then you're free and innocent. If you tell a lie and are guilty then

you deserve the punishment for the crime
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Dubose owned, until

the ground was littered with green buds and leaves.” In the article Smykowski says “

For Example, the red geraniums that Mayella Ewell kept in her yard are very illustrative.

These flowers represent “Southern White Womanhood” the fence that surrounds the

Ewells property is symbolic of the fear and racism of the southern whites that tries to

protect this woman hood.

In To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus accepts Tom’s case knowing he will lose,

symbolising courage. Atticus accepted the case trying to give Tom a chance at his trial.

On page 100 chapter 9, atticus explains “ I’m simply defending a negro-his name’s Tom

Robinson. He lives in a little settlement beyond the town dump. He’s a member of

Calpurnia’s church, and cal knows his family well. She say’s that there clean-living folks.

Scout you aren't old enough to understand some things yet, but there's been some high

talk around town to the effect that i shouldn't do much about defending this man. It’s a

peculiar case-it won’t come to trial until summer session. John Taylor was kind enough

to give us a postponement…” Atticus took this trial on knowing he would lose.
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