What Does John Proctor Symbolize In The Crucible

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Why point a finger at someone, when four are pointing right back at you; history continues to repeat itself over and over again. The Salem Witch Trials were a time when Puritans turned on their own kind, accusing them of witchcraft. This continuous accusation turned the Puritan’s well-being upside down. Over hundred years ago, the Red Scare occurred and people with higher states were getting accused of being named Communist. These allegations have been just as ruinous as being called a witch throughout the 1800’s. During the Red Scare there was an enormous amount of McCarthyism, accusing people with no evidence; this explained best, “Joseph McCarthy thought that it was his duty to get rid of communists in Washington”(Kraine).”Worries that the Soviet Union 's communist ways would infiltrate the United States led to a significant amount of paranoia within the American government” (“Why”).Senator Joseph McCarthy was…show more content…
He was not the only casualty during this time, there was the Hollywood Ten and these people were part of the film industry. Consequently, the group got their name because they refused to testify and then fired (“Hollywood Ten”). The Hollywood Ten symbolized the first group of witches. The Crucible “...was an act of desperation” (Miller). He did not see another way to express his feeling during that time. The author of “ The Crucible”, depicted a time where people were at odds with each other. Everyone had a motive, mirroring the Red Scare. The Puritans were “ pointing fingers and passing judgment” (“The”) on everyone who crossed another. Lying seems easy when hiding skeletons in a person’s closet. This statement remains true to this day. The Puritans were humans who wanted to reach the unimaginable perfection while trying to seem impeccable to the world is something that will never end. Meanwhile, on this journey of perfection only the strong
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