What Does Liberty Mean To Me

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Never in my life have I been asked this question but after reading the first week’s lectures, it is becoming clear to me. Liberty means I am not a slave, I am free. Liberty means I can make my own decisions, express my points of view, beliefs and opinion. My definition of slavery is simply put as: personal property or belonging to someone else. Liberty means I am not a slave of the government and I control my destiny. How can I be happy when I am under someone else’s control? I want to act and express myself as I wish, not having someone controlling my emotions. Liberty to me means: I am free from the government’s power and limitations and I have the freedom to become whatever I want to. I have the right to own a weapon, a house, or a car. I also can start my business. I am free to come and go anywhere I please. Of course there are laws I have to abide by when I am coming and going. For example, if I am traveling by cruise ship or taking a flight to another country, I will need a passport. Liberty does not mean I can break the law and not be prosecuted.…show more content…
For example: I work a twelve-hour shift and I can stay late if I want to. Or when I wake up in the morning, I can choose the polo uniform with the slacks or I can wear the State uniform. However some liberties have become extinct. Prayer in the schools is one example. I remember just like it was yesterday, my first day in kindergarten class. The teacher asked everyone in the class to stand up and she led the class in prayer. Now you cannot say a prayer in school anymore. In other countries women cannot show their face or choose who they want to marry. I am happily married and I couldn’t imagine someone choosing who I am going to marry. I have the right to choose who I want to
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