What Does Martin Luther King Jr Dream Mean To Me

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We all have dreams, but only a few make theirs become a reality. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Had a dream, he was one of the few that made his dream arise into something real. Dr. King strived for rights for all colored people. He wanted to make it to where they could be equal and he did not want to wound the relationship that blacks had with whites, he wanted to enhance it. The way that Martin Luther went about this is what inspires me and others every day. Dr. King worked hard for what he believed in and he used only his method for making the change needed. Dr. King only was a part of peaceful protests even when the opposing side committed violent acts. Martin would not even raise his fist when his home was bombed and destroyed. His peaceful acts inspired many people including me to do the same. I now see that from acts of peace so much more can be gained, instead of from acts of violence. Martin Luther King proved that violence is not the only way to make change and is actually the worst way…show more content…
King taught me and others that to really change the world you have to be kind, patient, and most of all you have to respect others. Although it took years Martin Luther finally gained the rights that black Americans deserved. He did it peacefully and did not raise his fists. If I wanted to change the world, all I have to do is follow Martin Luther King’s example and work hard. After all, anything can happen if you work for it. Dr. King, like so many others, had a dream and with hard work he made it come alive. To achieve his dream, Martin Luther King used peaceful protests and boycotts. He taught me that kindness to others was an important factor in success, but not just for making a change. Kindness also needs to be used in everyday life. One more lesson he taught future generations was that violence is a bad choice while you are trying to change something and just in general. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an inspiration not just for me, but for everyone else
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